~London Fog Shortbread Cookies~

I love shortbread cookies. Like, LOVE them! The soft middle with the slight crunch when you bite into the cookie followed by the melting in your mouth. Paired with coffee-next to heaven on earth delishous! To me, it’s probably my all time favorite kind of cookie.

So, today I decided to make these delishous London Fog shortbread cookies. I found this recipe here on Pinterest like I do most of the time. It’s so easy and so delishous! 

I typically always use Earl Gray tea, Twinnings brand, for a refreshing sweet iced tea. The best ever! I serve it when we have friends and family over for celebrations or just because. It’s always a huge hit. This is the tea used for this cookie, Earl Gray. You use the tea leaf-not the liquid tea. I didn’t have the vanilla bean or paste like the recipe calls for, so I used a little extra vanilla extract. Works beautifully!

My family and I are huge fans of this cookie. I’ll be making it quite often. 

Nestled in between the Keurig and coffee cups
Glass resealable jar as seen here is a Valentine’s Day candy jar. Recycled❤️

I recommend these beautiful, delishous, easy short bread cookies. You need to try them next time you have a hankering for a delishous cookie. 

Author: Iva (Dee)

Hi! I'm Dee. I have been married to the love of my life, Travis, for 23 years. Just a few things to know about me is I love my family and spending time with them. I love to make our house a true home where everyone wants to be at. We have three boys, Landon 22 years old, Logan 19 years old and Lukas 14 years old. God and family is my whole world, and I want to share just a peek into my world with you. I hope I can encourage you, and inspire you to be YOU. I want to share what I love and hope you will share a little love back!

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